Avot mV

Avot mV 1.5

Play YouTube videos on your phone


  • Mini-preview window
  • Channel filtering
  • Stores favourite clips in playlists
  • Powerful search engine


  • You'll need a quick internet connection


Avot mV allows you to play movie streams from YouTube, Google Video, and the like on your Windows Mobile device.

You can ransack as much content as you like thanks to a built-in search engine, and the program stores your personal favorite clips neatly in playlists. Avot mV connects using a framework such as UMTS, EDGE or GPRS and displays clips in a mini-preview window. From here you simply tap the video and it starts playing. Obviously the buffering time will depend on the quality of your connection, but by and large the movies are reproduced very well.

Finding the videos that you're interested in watching is where the app comes into its own. Using so-called channel filters, Avot mV breaks movies into different categories for topics such as music, TV shows, entertainment, politics or education.

Provided you have a fast enough connection, Avot mV delivers a flexible platform for enjoying online video on your mobile.

Avot mV (Beta) is a solution to view billions of videos by way of your mobile device from various video-sharing sites. To find your favorite video on your mobile phone, searching with Avot mV is as easy as searching on a desktop PC. It seamlessly searches the video clip you desire.

Avot mV allows you to watch an unlimited number of videos with intuitive user interfaces. Watch what you want! The software helps you organize your favorite videos by creating a myFavs playlist. You can then watch your favorite videos whenever you want!

Avot mV


Avot mV 1.5

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